Battling the Elements

How to Survive the Storm

When LA skies really open up like they have this week, everybody promptly panics. And things get a bit...primal.

Which means you might need an umbrella that doubles as a gentlemanly weapon—like the Umbuster.

Say you're strolling across the CAA courtyard for lunch, and in the downpour you hear somebody snaked your client over coffee. Or your La Cienega dinner date's going fine until you meet some hooligan at the valet stand, and you're forced to defend her honor. Or, you know, a tourist gets a little too feisty on the Promenade.

Solution: Introduce the classless offender to the business end of your Umbuster, with an imposing knuckle-duster handle grafted expertly onto a classic Guy de Jean umbrella. With the proper amount of dexterity and poise, you might be able to handle the situation without suffering more than a few drops.

The only catch is that they're made to order overseas, which can take a few weeks—meaning you'll have to weather this storm with your current model...

In a pinch, there's always the pointy tip.

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