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SuViche Comes to SoBe

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Two-day weekends.

So regular. So ordinary. So... much shorter without a Monday thrown into the mix.

The good news, though: we’ve figured out a way for you to be in two places at once tonight.

Specifically, Japan and Peru.

Say hello to the second coming of SuViche and their new South Beach spot for Latin/Asian cross-pollinated plates, now open.

If you’ve ever been to the original location in Brickell (and subsequently dunked your sushi roll in some spicy Peruvian queso sauce), then you’ll know what to expect here. Almost. The big difference: elbow room. This one’s got a lot more of it. Also, floor-to-ceiling windows for prime SoBe people-watching.

What you’ll want to do is stop here for a quick hit of dock-fresh ceviche before tackling the crowds on Lincoln. Or skip Lincoln entirely and park it on one of the bright-orange banquettes for a long evening of sirloin-stuffed spring rolls and the kind of sushi that contains things like shredded coconut, curry sauce and macadamia nuts.

Just be aware that their wine/beer license won’t be coming through for another couple of weeks. So in the meantime, they’ll gladly walk your meal over to the Abbey Brewery Co. next door, should you desire.

Shouldn’t be a problem getting beer there.


1119 16th St
Miami Beach, FL, 33139


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