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A Midtown Exotic-Meat Dealer

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Falcons season. It’s finally here.

Which means it’s time to get serious.

About football. About your fantasy team. But most importantly, about your tailgating.

This year, no more of that hot dog bullsh*t.

And lots more of this rattlesnake/kangaroo/black bear bullsh*t...

Meet Mamanoes, an unassuming grocery store with a discreet/direct pipeline to some pretty exotic meats, now open in Midtown.

This is one of those old-school corner markets. Creaky floors. Ambient jazz music. Filing cabinets filled with potatoes, wheelbarrows filled with rosemary and rusty used bikes hanging from the ceiling. So in other words, exactly the kind of place you’d go to for proteins that are probably illegal in several states. (Also, moon pies and Blenheim Ginger Ale.)

See, the owner here, he’s got some serious connections in the black meat-market. Smoked buffalo tongue, African lion, bear chops and snake... good chance he knows a guy who can get it for you. Just tell him what you’re looking to grill at the home opener, and if it’s embargo-free, USDA-approved and, you know, not on the endangered species list, he’ll have a couple pounds of it dropped off at the store for you in a few days.

And also coming soon to the store: a dedicated beer-and-wine room.

Nothing goes with bear steaks like a hoppy IPA.

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