Things to do for September 06, 2012

The Weekender

Some Gratis Guacamole and a Bunch of Draft Beers

Every story’s got a beginning, a middle and a weekend.

UD - Fashion’s Night Out in Highland Park

Fashion’s Night Out in Highland Park

Tonight, a bunch of runway models are congregating in Highland Park Village. That’s your cue. Attend. And between respectful gazes in their general direction, sip some gratis champagne. Then stop into nearby stores for some shopping. Or some DJs and drinks. Your call. It’s a free country.

UD - Patio Parties at Urban Taco

Patio Parties at Urban Taco

You probably know that Urban Taco serves guacamole and margaritas. But starting tonight, that guac’s coming to you free, courtesy of a new mobile cart. And those margaritas: they’re half-price. And their patio: it’s got a live band. Yup, they’re just full of surprises tonight.

Thursdays, music starts at 6:30pm, Urban Taco, 3411 McKinney Ave, 214-922-7080

UD - Date Night in a Cheese Factory

Date Night in a Cheese Factory

Date night: a novel concept. But one can only do dinner-and-a-movie so many times. So, enter cheese. Specifically, you, someone somewhat special and a cheese-making class at a Deep Ellum factory. First, you’ll learn to craft some mozzarella and ricotta. Then, you’ll sample/admire your work over wine. Then... dinner and a movie. 

UD - A Night of Burlesque at the Stoneleigh

A Night of Burlesque at the Stoneleigh

Cocktails and scantily clad women. It’s happening this Saturday in the Stoneleigh Penthouse. So head up to the 11th floor, where you’ll find a handful of burlesque performers, plus some serious crooning by Ricki Derek. Get your bearings (and a beverage), then make a beeline... to the nearest unobstructed view.

UD - A Day Dedicated to Beer and Bands

A Day Dedicated to Beer and Bands

Coming together for a cause... it’s a wonderful thing. Especially when the cause is beer. To lend your support, head to Trinity Groves on Saturday. That’s where you’ll find 50-plus breweries serving more than 120 beers. Also, food trucks and a bunch of bands. Not 120. But still, a bunch.

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