Ta-Zin Opens in South Beach

Nothing gets a lady more in the mood to shake her assets than watching other women flaunt theirs. Or so the saying goes.

Introducing Ta-Zin, a new Moroccan restaurant that takes its scantily clad dinner entertainment very seriously (as all restaurants should), now open in South Beach.

Ta-Zin's lovely belly dancers are a steady and reliable team that ply you with entertainment every half-hour (but it's more like non-stop) using a full arsenal of ancient Moroccan tricks, including sword balancing, fire juggling and finger chiming (perfect for when you absentmindedly leave your finger chimes at home). This isn't a place to quietly get to know your date; it's a place to make sure she shares your appreciation for the arts.

You'll do most of your culture-admiring from the large dining room. Outfitted with tented canopies, stucco arches and punched tin lanterns, it doesn't so much remind you of Marrakech as it does a disco-lit lounge out of an '80s SNL sketch about Marrakech.

We meant that in the most charming way possible...


427 Jefferson Ave
(between 5th and 4th)
South of Fifth
Miami, FL, 33139

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