Grilled Lamb and Other Grecian Delights

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If you’re currently on the coast of Greece, tonight should be easy.

A breezy villa. Some moonlight. A carafe of wine. A leg of lamb. Another carafe of wine. Done.

If you’re in Fort Lauderdale this evening, well, then tonight should be... basically the same exact thing.

Welcome to Thasos, a sexy Aegean oasis primed for your next spit-roasted pig rendezvous, now open.

Consider this your own personal Grecian retreat for whisking away dates residing across the county line (hey, it happens). The kind of place where you’ll come to linger over Greek beers, cast-iron pots of mussels and meze. Nobody leisurely eats meze like you.

Now, if the weather gods are playing nice, head for the outdoor patio. It’s the one that looks like a Mediterranean fishing village (more whitewashed tables, fewer Greek longshoremen).

But let’s say it’s hot outside. Really hot. In other words, let’s say it’s Florida in early September. Then, if you’re plus one, grab a seat inside at the marble bar. If you’re plus eight: try the chef’s table. That’s the best spot to split up some massive spit-roasted meat. And the only place to sit on chairs made to look like the bottom half of a naked woman.

“Subtle” is the word you’re looking for.


3330 E Oakland Park Blvd
Fort Lauderdale, FL, 33308


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