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Breaking Down Two New Food Trucks

None In the next few months, you’re going to hear debates. Lots. Mostly political. None of them as important as this one... There’re two new food trucks vying for your patronage: Beantown Barbecue (they smoke a mean pig) and Freckled & Blue (they fry a mean chicken). Below, the word on both/some good old-fashioned competition.

The Truck
Beantown Barbecue: The exterior looks like it was wrapped in crumbled butcher paper.
Freckled & Blue: The exterior looks like it was painted to match your grandmother’s kitchen.
Edge: Push. You don’t judge a food truck by its cover.

The Food
Beantown Barbecue: There’s only one sandwich. Slow-smoked roast pork on a soft white roll.
Freckled & Blue: Modified staples like meat loaf bites with bacon ketchup. Also, slightly spicy homemade fried chicken.
Edge: Freckled & Blue. Your bite-sized meat loaf curiosity is strong.

The Cooks
Beantown Barbecue: Two guys with 30 years’ experience cooking whole hogs... and running sports bars.
Freckled & Blue: A 20-something pair. One worked in a family-owned BBQ restaurant. And the other’s eaten in a lot of family-owned BBQ restaurants.
Edge: Beantown Barbecue. They’ve got smokers older than Freckled & Blue.

The Origin
Beantown Barbecue: Boston. Hence the name... and the vat of baked beans simmering inside the truck.
Freckled & Blue: Inspired by food from Maryland, South Carolina, Georgia and Philly. (You know what that means...)
Edge: Freckled & Blue. Yep, they’ve got a jalapeño bacon pimento cheesesteak.

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