Züm Kind of Wonderful

An App That Sends Self-Destructing Videos

None Well, that was a three-day weekend all right.

For your sake, we hope you left no witnesses.

Or loose ends.

And if you suddenly start feeling the need to recount the highlights via a video to a friend...


But if you must, at least use something that’ll self-destruct.

Download Züm, an iPhone app that’ll let you share video clips that erase after a single viewing, available now.

It’s possible you’ve seen something like this before. For texting. Or emailing. Or on an episode of Inspector Gadget. So, this: sort of like all of that. You’ll download the app, record a video, make a five-second message (“I’m sorry this happened to your parakeet... not really”) and send it.

Then, the person on the receiving end of your clip (they’ll need to have the app, too) will watch the footage. They’ll likely experience a strong wave of emotions (mainly shock, horror and shame). And before they can even think about forwarding your viral masterpiece/alerting the authorities, the thing will explode into a bunch of fiery little pieces. Figuratively.

Somewhere, Michael Bay is very disappointed.

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