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A French Hole-in-the-Wall on Sunset

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Some quick trivia before you go:

Marie Antoinette supposedly never said “Let them eat cake.”

What she said was “Let them drink wine.”

Actually, no, she didn’t say that either. But still—don’t let that stop you from drinking wine under her watchful gaze...

Take your first look at Gorge, a beautifully rustic new French spot for wine and charcuterie and Marie Antoinette–themed embroidery (just go with it), opening next week on the Sunset Strip.

This place is kind of the opposite of the surrounding Sunset Strip pandemonium, in a good way—a low-key-on-purpose little spot full of rickety chairs, candles and, yes, an embroidered silhouette of Marie Antoinette in a gold frame. Just a few tables and a few more seats at the bar. If you’re thinking casual date, you would not be wrong. (The embroidery brought it home.)

By keeping things unfussy, the owners—with backgrounds involving keywords like Robuchon, Savoy and Top Chef—are trying to get you to focus on your housemade sausage, red snapper terrine and bottle of Saint-Joseph wine. Though it’s okay if you get distracted by the corn they’re growing on the walls. Yes. That’s happening.

Oh, and as for the name: French soldiers used to scream “À la gorge” when they ran into battle. It means “To the throat.” So that’s... kind of intense.

The French take their wine very seriously.

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