Bubble Rap

Turning Water into... Carbonated Water

None It’s a dangerous world out there.

(Out there being not the city/the middle of nowhere/the kind of place you’d go camping.)

There’re bears and mosquitoes and snakes and no indoor plumbing and... it’s really hard to find a bartender in the forest to make you a quality post-hike sloe gin fizz.

About that last one...

Behold the Portable Carbonator, a bottle that instantly turns tap water into soda water, available online next week.

Think of this like a really tiny Coke (or Schweppes, if you prefer) factory that lives inside your water bottle. See, this thing has a bright orange capsule that hangs from the lid. That capsule does science. Also, that capsule turns non-carbonated beverages into things with lots of bubbles.

And why you care: because sometimes soda water isn’t easily accessible. And sometimes (most of the hours after noon) you could go for a fizzy cocktail. So order this. Pick up some of the carbonated flavor packets (they’ll be selling things like root beer, ginger ale and pomegranate) and take it with you the next time you’re going off the grid (the Georgia Dome parking lot counts). Or the next time you and vodka find yourselves alone, scared, in the woods and without a seltzer bottle for hundreds of miles.

Seltzer. Grossly underrated word.

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