Hole in None

Futuristic Donuts and Coffee Root Beer

The morning-coffee routine, generally speaking, is not one to be messed with.

Unless, of course, you hear about the debut of some new donuts—then you have no choice but to mix things up. So you might find yourself returning to LAMILL Coffee Boutique this weekend.

You already know about the high-tech coffee presentations—the burners and beakers take you back to chem lab every time. But on tomorrow's caffeine run you can pair your brew with a hole-free Vanilla Sea-Salt Cream-Filled Donut, or an Espresso Cream Donut topped with cocoa powder. And maybe a bag of warm Donut Holes to go—they're made to order, so you could get a bag for the drive, a bag for the meeting, a bag for the scheduling of the next meeting...

If you're thinking you need some sugar to go with your sugar, order a new Coffee Root Beer, which is just what it sounds ginger, sassafras and, if you ask, some ice cream to turn it into a float. Or there's always the classic Coffee and a Donut, the donut-flavored brew they've served since day one.

Another monumental day in donut history.


1636 Silver Lake Blvd
(between Berkeley and Effie)
Silver Lake
Silver Lake, CA, 90026

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