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Eggs and Whiskey in an Upscale Diner

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Diner rule #... well, 1:

Don’t be fooled by a giant menu with lots of options. Keep it simple.

Eggs. Bacon. Toast. Coffee. Impeccably made Old Fashioned with muddled sugar cubes and bitters.

Of course, that’s assuming you’re at one of those Old Fashioned–specializing diners...

Meet The Front Room, an elevated greasy spoon and your new Highland Park headquarters for breakfast, lunch, dinner and classically made cocktails, opening Monday inside Hotel Lumen.

Think of this as the kind of place you’d go to for, um, eating and drinking. Because, you know, it’s a diner (eggs over easy, chicken and waffles, Frito pie). And also, it’s got one heck of a bar scene.

So the next time you have a hankering for something somewhere between french toast and Martinique’s finest agricole rhum, come here. Start by grabbing a stool at the bar. Then, probably a jalapeño-spiked tequila drink and a deviled egg. Or, if you’d prefer a booth, mosey past the high-top tables into the dining room and slide into a sleek white table with plenty of surface area. Now, fill that surface area with beef. Lots of it.

And should you need some post-meat-loaf breathing room, there's a covered patio out front that looks onto SMU.

Please don’t feed the students.


The Front Room
at Hotel Lumen
6101 Hillcrest Ave
Dallas, TX, 75205


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