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Larry King.

The guy is a compiler.

Age: somewhere between 78 and 178.

Years in broadcasting: 55.

Suspenders worn during years in broadcasting: 18,250.

Marriages: 8.

Local bagel shops: 1.

Welcome to The Original Brooklyn Water Bagel Co., a Mr. King production that models its bagel-boiling water after the same H2O used in the schmear capital of the world, now open near Vinings.

These guys are serious (nay, borderline fanatical) when it comes to making bagels. Which would explain the laboratory-scale, 14-stage water treatment system they’ve set up inside the place. That’s where they turn Atlanta tap into something that mimics Catskills snow-melted spring water. Don’t ask. Just know that it does wonders for your poppy seed bagel.

So it’s 6am. And you’re awake. Which means it’s either a really early work morning or a really late Saturday night. Either way, head here, move to the counter and get something familiar (say, a cinnamon raisin with Nova spread). Or something less familiar (say, a scooped-out asiago cheese bagel Monte Cristo). Then, make sure you wash it down with one of their iced coffees.

They’re made with decaffeinated-coffee ice cubes.

Larry loves the little things.


The Original Brooklyn Water Bagel Co.
2955 Cobb Pkwy SE, Ste 240
Atlanta, GA, 30339


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