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The Royal Tenenbaums. Good movie.

Its best character: Gene Hackman’s. Its second-best character: Luke Wilson’s.

But its third-best character: Owen Wilson’s, the cowboy-motifed novelist, Eli Cash. Today we’re going to talk about a clothing store that looks like it was opened by him.

Say hello to Butler & Claypool, a secret vintage shop where the co-owners are ready to hand-select a retro, Western-chic wardrobe just for you, now open by appointment only in Southeast DC.

So yeah, if Cormac McCarthy ever shopped for clothes in the capital, he’d probably go here. To begin, you’ll email the owners to set up an appointment. They’ll ask you for a few relevant details: inseam, how aged you like your denim, whether your rock-star-cowboy vibe is more Mick Jagger or Steve Perry (you know, the basics).

Next, you’ll show up to this apartment turned haberdashery, complete with an old Underwood typewriter, red leather vests and deer antlers on the wall. They’ll pour you a glass of whiskey, and then you’ll begin trying on the clothes they’ve pulled for you. Could be everything from a weathered, tan Winchester shooting jacket—perfect for a turkey hunt at your Texas ranch... or a few beers near Dupont—to early-era Chucks that look like they were stolen from Dave Grohl’s high school locker.

Go ahead, you can use that story.


Butler & Claypool
312 13th St SE
(between C and D St)
Washington, DC, 20003


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