Swing Away

If Your Phone Were a Caddie...

None Everyone’s got a tip for your golf game.

Stuff like “Keep your head down.”

Or “Rotate your hips more.”

Or “You should really see somebody about your temper.”

Ahem. Anyway. Point being, if there were some kind of program that offered helpful tips and analysis... without all the judgment... well, that might be something you would be interested in.

Something like SwingReader Golf, a personal golf coach on your iPhone that records, analyzes and improves your swing, available now.

Think of this as a pocket-size golf instructor. Except it’s actually an app that records your swing and plays it back in slow motion. Which means you can evaluate all the things a golf pro would. Things like stance, head placement and swing plane. But on your phone. For roughly the price of a bag of tees.

Here’s how it’ll go down. Put this on your phone. Find a driving range. Employ your favorite videographer/tripod, hit record and... swing. Then, at the 19th hole, you and your caddie can play back the virtual videotape. And maybe go all John Madden with the touchscreen Telestrator. Or... not.

To aid your PGA ambitions, you can use the side-by-side or overlay functions to compare your swing against those of tour pros.

Or use the Telestrator to draw a mustache on Rory McIlroy.

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