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You’re feeling the uneasy twinge of rooftop season winding down.

The dread that it could all end with one falling leaf.

That is, unless some hero or heroes out there do something extreme to bring it roaring back.

Something with watermelons full of rum. And tacos. By April Bloomfield.

It has to be tacos by April Bloomfield.

And it is: behold The Rooftop Lounge at Pod 39, a taco-and-cocktail spot from the Spotted Pig/Breslin/John Dory folks where the secret ingredient is roof, now open.

It’s Monday, so let’s keep this simple. This is the top of a hotel. It’s got columns, dark brick, vines, spectacular Empire State and Chrysler Building views and an enchanting crosstown breeze. It’s got fresh-fruit-and-liquor cocktails from the man behind all the good things at Hotel Delmano. And in a few weeks, it’s going to have pastrami tacos and pig-ear tacos from April Bloomfield. It’s a supergroup of a rooftop lounge—the Traveling Wilburys of Midtown gastro-imbibement.

You’re going there with—actually, you’re making whatever excuse you can. It’ll be open for two more months this year, if you’re lucky. But they’ll be expanding on the menu and bringing it to the lobby for a full, proper restaurant in the next few months.

Until then, just cherish that rooftop. Cherish it.

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