Double Time

A Remote-Controlled Robot for Your iPad

None Let’s talk about the last time you attended a meeting...

As a disembodied robot head attached to a stick on wheels.

Oh, wait. That hasn’t happened yet.

Cue Double, a remote-controlled motorized stand for your iPad that lets you see what it sees... without actually being there, available now for preorder.

Think of this like a simpler, less morally ambiguous solution to cloning. Or a motorized contraption that looks like a Segway, attaches to your iPad and rolls around broadcasting a live feed of everything it comes into contact with. Like a video conference call. But, you know, cool.

So before you can begin being in two places at once, you’ll need to get a hold of this thing (the Internet can probably help with that). Also, you’ll need a spare iPad: one to put on the device and one to use as your steering wheel/video screen.

Then, start driving. And turning. And when you need to stop on a dime, the thing will automatically deploy a retractable prong (that’s robot speak for “kickstand”). Great, you’re now ready...

For risk-free/incredibly creepy blind dating.

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