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A Real-Time Storm-Tracking App

None Weathermen.

When it comes to having remarkable hair and incredible names, and pronouncing words like “barometric pressure,” nobody is better.

When it comes to actually doing their job, well... they aight.

It’s just that sometimes, you require something a bit more accurate. Like, say, during hurricane season...

Enter Sky Motion, a hyperlocal storm-tracking app that puts even the most Doppler-y of Doppler radars to shame, available for the iPhone now.

Okay, so you probably don’t need an app to tell you that it’s going to pour during a hurricane. But you’d take one that uses motion tracking, geolocating and sophisticated satellite technology to predict the minute-by-minute weather within a single kilometer of your current position. Yup, your odds of getting struck by lightning just significantly decreased.

So unless your other car is a weather balloon, there’s really no reason not to keep this thing on you at all times. It’s going to constantly update with information about inbound storm fronts. Which means not only will you know when to bring an umbrella, but you’ll know precisely when to open it.

Of course, if you prefer a bit more time to prepare for a storm/you’re not Bill Paxton from Twister, the app can be set to predict inclement weather from as far as two hours out.

But where’s the fun in that.

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