Ring of Fire

A Fire Pit. Whenever You Need One.

None Labor Day approaches. Which means you’ll soon see a lot of bonfires signaling the end of summer.

But we just found a way to keep one aspect of summer going. On a table. Or, say, in your office, should there be proper ventilation.

Make a phwooosh fireball sound for the Fuoco Tabletop Gel Fire Pit, available now for anytime you look around and say, “This area could use some flames” (which is often, oddly).

If you could sprinkle the shrinking stuff that shaman sprinkles on Michael Keaton’s head at the end of Beetlejuice right onto your average iron fire pit, you’d basically get this (and a tragedy, should any fall on your lap).

Its best use: the next time you’re hosting a little soiree and want an elegant, super-portable fire source to throw on a table. Toss one of these down, light the fuel gel, and you’ve got two hours of solid heat and light pouring from its tiny, four-pound piece of black pottery.

Bonus: the pottery is made of stainless steel and ceramic materials, so it can withstand the heat but is also frost-proof. Which is ideal for those winter sunsets requiring your presence outdoors.

Or just the office. The A/C is ridiculous in there.

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