Tub Tunes

Music. And Phone Calls. While You Hot-Tub.

None Problems facing the modern-day working gentleman:


Fitting in leisure activities.

Conference calls.

And how to do it all from your hot tub.

Solving this: EcoXBT, a floating, waterproof Bluetooth speakerphone for taking calls and blasting tunes in water-based environments, available now for preorder.

This is kind of a cross between the old desktop speakerphones you’d see on Charlie’s Angels and the more modern Bluetooth-connected speakers (no, it doesn’t come with a late-’70s Jaclyn Smith).

So let’s set the mood. You’re at your house on the Cape. You’ve decided to get some work done in the hot tub (your second favorite remote office next to your bed).

You’ll pull this out, hook it up and switch between listening to the Cash-Dylan recordings and looking at next quarter’s sales projections on your smartphone. The speakers are protected by a stainless-steel grill and waterproof guts, allowing you to stream music while you take and conduct phone calls, speakerphone-style (key for the hot-tubbing businessman on the go).

Bonus: its battery will last for 10 hours of continuous use on a single two-hour charge.

Note: avoid keeping the charger by the temperature controls on the tub.

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