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A Sexy Tapas Spot from the Altamare Guys

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Brickell. It’s on its way. Really, almost there.

Irish pubs: check. Burger joints: check. Cozy Spanish spots with really long names that are sort of clever but sort of obnoxious at the same time: check.

Guess that just leaves us missing one thing.

An Applebee’s.

Oh, right, and a reliable date spot that’s both sexy and stocked with veal hearts.

Speak of the devil, meet Tikl, a sophisticated small-plate palace for things best enjoyed pan-seared, with wine and by two people deeply in lust, opening Monday in Brickell.

Altamare. You know the place. You know the curry mussels. Well, the guys behind the former and the bivalves behind the latter have crossed the causeway and ended up here. A sleek-looking industrial place with a wood bar, wrought-iron lattice, some really tasty shellfish and some really exotic veal hearts.

Bring a date. Tell them to wear something that’s barely there. Because your seats at the high-top chef’s table: completely flanked by the open kitchen. And open flames. Yes, that’s your Korean hanger steak being grilled off to the right. No, it’s not impolite to stare.

Of course, if you require a spot that’s slightly more secluded (you have your reasons), request a private table on the second-floor balcony. Specifically, the one ensconced by glass-enclosed wine towers holding 1,200 bottles.

You’re going to need a hell of a doggie bag.

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