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Delicious Sandwiches, Available Now by Text

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Go to your happy place.

Maybe it’s a park. Maybe it’s some expansive penthouse loft. Maybe it’s—well, hell, as long as it’s in Downtown.

Because then you can text somebody who’ll bring you sandwiches.

Introducing Localita & The Badasserie, an awesomely named sliver of a spot that will take your order by text and immediately deliver some delicious sandwiches on a bike, now open in Downtown.

You might be familiar with Locali, sort of a hipster-y 7-Eleven with healthy-minded salads, organic wine and... vegan condoms. (They really cover all the bases.) But the smart bet has always been on their deceptively tasty sandwiches.

That’s what they’re sticking to at the new place—behind a roll-up gate in the Fashion District, there’s just enough room for a counter, a few seats, a couple suits on lunch break, an edgy designer and two hungry models nursing vegan Reubens and hemp-milk smoothies. Okay, maybe three hungry models.

But you don’t have to come. Really, it’s fine. Just text them, and—so long as you don’t live in Malibu or something—a biker will immediately and furiously pedal your food right to you.

Sandwich messengers are this town’s true unsung heroes.
Note: <a href="" target="_blank">Localita & The Badasserie</a>, now open, 213-623-3223, text orders to 213-810-7359, <a href="" target="_blank">see the menu</a> and <a href= "" target= "_blank">the slideshow</a>


Localita & The Badasserie
817 S Los Angeles St
Los Angeles, CA, 90014


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