Pop Secret

Sriracha-Flavored Popcorn

None Sriracha. It’s that spicy stuff with the rooster on the bottle. Served in every Chinese restaurant.

Popcorn. It’s that salty stuff that comes from corn. Served in every movie theater.

Roosters: live on farms. Corn: grows on farms. Roosters: eat corn...

And we: have no idea where we’re going with this.

Except to say, someone now makes sriracha popcorn.

Introducing Sriracha Popcorn, a brand-new batch of homemade popped corn that tastes like... well, we’ll give you three guesses, on back order now.

This was created by three guys out in Seattle. None of them descendants of Orville Redenbacher. All of them big fans of spicy Asian condiments. And of putting those condiments on anything. Including popcorn.

This is the kind of thing you’ll want to have on hand for football season. Or baseball season. Or days of the week ending in “day.” Simply order some online. Receive a few bags in the mail. Open. Chew. Guzzle water. Because this stuff, it tastes like fire. Chipotle-y, garlic-y, chili-pepper-y fire. So in other words, sriracha.

And if you dig the popcorn, you’ll be happy to know they’re looking to expand soon. To sriracha jerky. And sriracha chips. And sriracha air fresheners.

Great news if you drive a cab.

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