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And Now, Your Own Really Tiny Printing Press

None What we’re about to tell you will take up room on your desk. It uses paper. Oh, yeah, it also has a cute little smiley face on it.

You’re still not convinced. Okay.

Well, it does print you out your own tiny, personalized newspaper a couple times a day.

Say hello to Little Printer, a cool little device that lets you be the William Randolph Hearst of, well, of you. You can order one now for October delivery.

Basically, this is a tiny cube that sits on your desk, collects content curated from a cloud server and prints a two-inch-wide newspaper at your direction, like a cross between a ticker tape and the “take a number” slips that you grab at the deli.

All you do is plug in its small server to your router, then get to work choosing your content via your smartphone—could be headlines from Google or The Guardian, could be a pocket-size to-do list.

Of course, if you’d rather just check in with your friends on Foursquare or have it spit out a Sudoku puzzle, you can just shout “Stop the presses!” (admit it, you’ve always wanted to) and change up the direction.

You’re the Gutenberg of the smartphone.

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