Beat It

Monitoring Your Heart Rate. With Your Face.

None Scientific fact: working out is good for your body.

Caveat: as long as your heart rate doesn’t send you into cardiac arrest (which tends to make you miss spin class).

This should help with that second part: Cardiio, an MIT-born app that monitors your heart rate by way of your face, available now for your iPhone.

Think of this as the digital version of that icy stethoscope your doctor places on your chest to catch your heart rate, only more photography-based (and less flipping-through-old-New-Yorkers-in-the-waiting-room-based).

So the next time you finish up a bruising Spartan workout and want to check in on the ol’ ticker, just pull out your phone and snap a pic of your chiseled mug. The app uses your camera to track tiny variations in light reflected off your face to measure your heart rate accurately within 3 bpm (provided you’re not doing it in the creepy dark corner by the squat machines).

Once it records your heart rate, it then stores your personal record in the dashboard so you can get daily, weekly and monthly progress of how fast your heart is pumping blood during times of physical exertion.

Note: works just as well when on the couch watching the Patriots.

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