Mixology 101

The Science of Cocktails

Some call mixing the perfect cocktail an art. To you, it's always been more of a science...

That's why you'll appreciate the Cocktail Chemistry Set, bringing you a step closer to winning the Nobel Prize for your advances in the field of Gin Rickey research.

The setup here—like the best scientific equations—is simple, almost elegant. You are provided with precisely one stainless steel cocktail shaker and precisely one Erlenmeyer flask (you already have a very good non-Erlenmeyer flask). You're now ready to begin your first experiment: Shaken vs. Stirred, a field first pioneered by noted British researcher, J. Bond.

From there, you'll move to your own, more theoretical inquiries using four test tubes, which are also included. While your colleagues may have thought you quite mad when you first proposed Jell-O as an effective stabilizing agent for tequila back at University, you now have the equipment necessary to take the gelatin-based sciences to new heights.

Just remember: The key scientific method is achieving repeatable results. So perform all experiments as often as necessary.

And always use an assistant.

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