Dream Baby

Back in Black

The Bar Formerly Known as Lakeside Lounge

None Keeping it simple.

You’re a supporter.

Especially on Mondays.

And seeing as that’s the case, we’re just going to dive right into telling you about Blackbird, a stripped-down, aggressively East Village-ish new locale for you to do the thing commonly referred to as drinking, now open.

Okay, so this was Lakeside Lounge. Divey, live-music-and-beer joint. World-class jukebox. Dearly departed. The good news here is that this place is from one of the original people behind that, plus the Bowery Electric and Niagara. So you’re in good hands.

It’s still got that occasional mutton-chopped guy in a neon-plaid blazer that gives a place character. But this version—it’s a little more post-date-friendly. Seasonal cocktails. Old-school tile floors. Habitable bathrooms. Just... all the things dates like.

You and said rendezvous will claim one of the snug black or white leather banquettes here. You’ve got two sides—each of them with the low-lit, exposed-brick-and-white-walled charm of a friend’s apartment. Between that and the DJ spinning proto-punk just softly enough for you to be able to keep conversation, it’s pretty much like being at a standing house party... at the apartment of someone who favors whiskey and has Sixpoint on tap.

Admit it, very few of your friends keep Sixpoint on tap.


Dream Baby
162 Ave B
(at 10th)
New York, NY, 10009

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