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A Truck Full of Frozen Custard

None Today, bad news.

Correction: bad news if you’re an ice cream man.

Or an heir to the Chipwich fortune.

Otherwise, pretty great news actually.

Frozen custard is going mobile.

Presenting Vintage Frozen Custard, an ice-cold food truck that’s serving orange cream floats, things with cherries on top and custards so thick they defy the laws of gravity, hoping to start rolling next week.

This is basically an old-school malt shop on wheels. Or an ice cream truck that’s had its insides replaced with specialized custard-mixing machinery. And its jingle replaced... by the sweet sound of silence.

So what you’ll want to do right this second is start keeping tabs on these guys via Twitter. Because in a few days, they’re going to begin taking their truck out of the garage. And parking it in random places. And selling things like Bananas Foster Concretes (cinnamon, caramelized bananas, hot caramel) out the side. And... well... this seems like the sort of thing you should bear witness to.

Of course, if you don’t see a sundae on their menu that tickles your fancy/sounds like lunch, you can always go rogue. They’ve got two custards (vanilla or chocolate), 22 toppings (think crushed Heath bar, salted mixed nuts, marshmallow cream) and one big industrial mixer.

You sort of can’t mess this up.

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