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How James Bond Would Send a Tweet

None They can put a robot on Mars, but they still haven’t figured out how to let you update Facebook when you’re in the middle of Lake Michigan.

Don’t worry, NASA, you look busy. We got this.

Meet Spot, which is your personal connection to the nearest geosynchronous communication satellite, available now.

This is essentially a personal wi-fi hotspot, but since you have a tendency to find yourself in locations that no cell tower can reach—mountaintops, remote beaches, personal hovercrafts—it uses a constellation of relay satellites to get the job done. Basically, it’s the way James Bond would send a tweet.

There are other uses, too, of course. You can use it to have people back home track your adventures in the Himalayas. You can text your mother from your campsite in Death Valley. You can set up a security perimeter around your boat—sort of a car alarm for your yacht—that will alert you if anyone other than you decides to take it for a midnight jaunt.

Most importantly, you can send an SOS alert if your one-man, around-the-world canoe trip takes a turn for the dangerous.

You know, like if you run out of champagne.

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