Made Men

Some Guys Who’ll Hand-Make Anything

None Suits: you have a guy.

Steaks: you know a guy.

Ten-foot bronze sculptures of Billy the Marlin: you... wouldn’t have the slightest idea where to find a guy to make something like that.

And that’s okay...

Because somebody out there does.

Introducing CustomMade, a site that crowdsources your crazy ideas (hello, laser-guided chopsticks) to a roster of 3,000 eager-to-please artisans, accepting your proposals now.

If you can dream it—and it’s legal/won’t explode/doesn’t involve live animals—there’s someone out there who’ll probably build it. And this outfit, they’ll put you in touch with them.

So go to the site. Next, post a listing of something you’d like made (office chair ejector seat, edible coffee table, inedible coffee table). Then, wait for some eager craftsman, engineer or mad scientist to bid on the job. Select the best option. They’ll get to work... and send you picture updates throughout the whole process.

Of course, having the god-like power to create anything at any time can be daunting at first. So we suggest you begin by browsing the site’s current projects for inspiration. Heck, you may even find something on there already that you’d want. Like a hand-carved billiards table made from juniper trees. Or a gold sculpture of kelp. Or a basswood Christmas gnome.

Or not.

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