The Island Bistro

Ab Fab

A French Date Spot with a String Section

Top Gun.

Saturday Night Fever.

Purple Rain.

Your dinner.

Three of these things have incredible soundtracks.

And one of these things... has John Travolta.

Welcome Fabien’s Bistro, a Frenchified date spot with cheese boards, foie gras and, coming soon, their own serenading string section, now open.

The vibe here: very Parisian. And very seductive. Which means you’d probably expect dark wood tables, white tablecloth service, a wine rack overflowing with merlot and at least one French maître d’ who’s endearingly snooty. And you’d be right.

So, date night—you’ve got a few ways you can go with that here. One would be a cozy corner table that’s inside, secluded and adjacent to some wall-hung abstract art. Two would be a spot out on the patio. The ideal setting to split foie gras–topped tenderloin and a bottle of champagne. Or catch a concert.

Because in a few weeks, they’ll have live music here. A troupe made up of local symphony virtuosos that’ll serenade you, your companion and your veal blanquette.

Good strings come to those who wait.


The Island Bistro
605 Brickell Key Dr
Miami, FL, 33131

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