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A Canteen You Can Cook In

None Early this morning, NASA landed on Mars.

Which was smart. Good move. Great timing.

Any later, and they’d have been screwed.

Because, let’s face it, all scientific breakthroughs sort of pale in comparison to the discovery of a camping thermos capable of making beef stew.

Presenting Titanium BOT, a metal water bottle that doubles as a fire-resistant cooking pot, available now.

If Skynet ever got into the canteen business, this would be the kind of water bottle it’d create. All dark gray. All titanium. All indestructible. Big enough to hold a liter of liquid (yes, that includes gin). Strong enough to withstand an open flame (or a barbecue). And self-aware enough to kill John Connor. Presumably.

You should probably have one of these handy for your next camping trip. When you’re heading out to hike, fill it with cold water. Then, drink that water. (We assume you already have this part under control.)

But when you’re hungry, well, here’s where things get interesting. Unscrew the O-ring top. Place the bottle onto something hot (your campfire should do). Next, fill the empty bottle with something delicious (lobster bisque works) and fit the upturned lid back on top. The O-ring will conduct the heat. The heat will cook up the bisque. The bisque will go in your belly.

Your belly will go “Mmm.”

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