Tree of Life

Charging Your Phone with a Fake Plant

None Notable plant life in history:

George Washington’s cherry tree.

Moses’s burning bush.

Your uncle Cliff’s Chia pet.

And now... this.

Presenting the USB Solar Charger Tree, basically a plastic tree with solar-panel leaves for powering most mobile devices, available now.

We admit: this thing is a little ridiculous. But at the end of the day, it’s good for the environment and it charges your phone. Two wins. Also, it looks like a happy desktop tree (unlike the one that keeps dying in your office). Another win.

You’ll start by ordering it online. Once it arrives, you’ll pull it out and appreciate that it’s totally portable, compatible with most smartphones and looks like a futuristic bonsai tree. Then, you’ll attach the nine solar panels. (Relax, it essentially involves clicking things into place.)

Once that’s done, you’ll have a phone that can get charged up with a solar-powered tree. And if it happens to be a sunless day (or, you know, nighttime), you can also connect the AC adapter to give the battery a jump start.

Note: watering this thing won’t help matters.

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