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A From-Scratch Lunch Spot on Greenville

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You don’t care what the calendar says. Summer is two-thirds over when you say it’s two-thirds over. So as long as pool and bathing suit season is still going strong, we thought you might want something light for lunch.

Like Start, a new drive-through on Greenville that’s doing things the made-from-scratch/organic way, opening Wednesday.

Below, a bunch of facts and figures designed to make you hungry. And well-informed.

Grass-fed burgers with gluten-free buns on the menu: 2
Times you’ll see the word “organic” on the menu: way more than 2
Available foods that taste like cardboard and/or soil: 0
Number of sides that contain sweet potato tater tots: 1
Number of sandwiches that contain pancakes: 1
Number of pancakes in a pancake sandwich: 4
Seconds it took you to faint after you found out pancake sandwiches existed: 11
Total number of drive-through windows: 1
Gluten-free beers available at the drive-through window: 0
Total number of wraparound patios: 1
Gluten-free beers available on the patio: >0
Time they open for breakfast on Saturdays: 7am
Time they start pouring fresh-squeezed mimosas on Saturdays: around 10am
Time you’ll start setting your alarm for on Saturdays: around 10am


4814 Greenville Ave
Dallas, TX, 75206


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