Junk Bond

Holding a Yard Sale. On Your iPhone.

None Your closet.

It’s messy.

It’s also a gold mine.

The signed copy of Who Moved My Cheese. The bowling trophies. The life-size Kelly Kapowski cardboard cutout.

These things are worth money...

To someone.

Let’s go find someone.

Presenting Garage, a new app that lets you conduct yard sales on your iPhone, available now.

Yes, apparently nine months ago, eBay and Instagram had sex. Because this thing: like their sleek, smart, user-friendly love child. A social-bartering app where you take cool junk that might be floating around your house, upload a sepia-toned picture of it and then sell it via text message to an interested party (emoticons: deadly negotiation tool).

So say you’re the kind of person who owns an iPhone, has a pile of things you’ve been meaning to dispose of and likes it when people send you money. Download this app. Now, you’re free to post items for sale. Or search the real-time, GPS-powered marketplace for nearby sellers who might be looking to swing a deal.

When it’s time to get down to brass tacks, simply send a few private text messages back and forth, say things like “You’re basically robbing me,” “It’s an investment” and “This Sports Illustrated football phone was a family heirloom,” and then collect your spoils via PayPal.

Beats the heck out of a dark alley.

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