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Rice and refried beans.

For years, you’ve just sort of assumed that’s what went on the side of an enchilada.

And you’re right.

Until Thursday.

At which point you’ll be wrong.

And the correct answer will be a spicy tuna roll.

Behold Monica’s Nueva Cocina, a split-personality dinner spot that’s part Mexican, part Japanese and totally, probably, most likely right in your wheelhouse, soft-opening Thursday.

Not since Rocky and Apollo joined forces to take down Mr. T have we witnessed a tag team of this magnitude. Mexican. Japanese. Tequila. Sake. Together. At last.

Now, this whole taco-meets-hand-roll thing is sort of uncharted territory... so, date spot... that sounds about right. Swing by Thursday, and you’ll find what looks like an Aztec temple. On the wall: massive stone-carved faces. Hanging from the ceiling: an 18th-century chandelier. Above your tufted corner booth: an angel statue. (Hey, someone has to watch over your queso.)

After you’ve sipped enough frozen margaritas and figured out how to navigate a menu that includes things like Mexican Lasagna (it’s the same one from Aca y Alla) and yellowtail sashimi, take a walk past the bar and into the lounge. There’s a DJ in there. Also, some banquettes.

Or as you call them, dance floors.


Monica’s Nueva Cocina
4123 Cedar Springs Rd
Dallas, TX, 75219


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