Hot Stove

The Smallest Camping Stove You’ve Ever Seen

None It’s August, which means time is running out for your big camping/hiking trip of the season.

And today, we’ve got your game-changer.

No, not an Indiana Jones hiking satchel. This: the VitalGrill Stove, a sort of mini-mini portable campfire base for generating 1,200-degree-Fahrenheit cooking blazes basically anywhere, available now.

Think of this as the 21st-century counterpart to the hunter-gatherer method of conjuring a dinner fire. But where your ancestors had to find dry ground, employ a lookout (inbound mountain lions tend to ruin anyone’s supper) and then continually stoke the fire to maintain its moxie... well, you’ll just use this.

The benefits: first off, it’s tiny. Second: it barely clocks in at two pounds, yet can hold up to 50 (aka your average trout catch, plus cooking skillet). Third: you can get a 20,000 BTU inferno going with two AA batteries and any flammable biological material (wood, small shrubs, your trail map). The batteries power the built-in fan that pumps oxygen into the fire, thus ensuring that your iron pot will boil your lobster dinner for two while out in the wilderness.

Still, pack accordingly. Lobster bibs and napkins are hard to find out there.

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