Apollonia’s Pizzeria

Later, Gator

Alligator Pizza on Wilshire. Finally.

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This is it. The ceremony is about to begin. Somebody’s got a majestic torch. The world is holding its collective breath in anticipation.

Yes, you’re about to triumphantly go get some rattlesnake pizza on Wilshire.

Step inside Apollonia’s Pizzeria, your deceptively low-key new home for pizza topped with rattlesnake, alligator and other curiosities, now soft-open on Wilshire Boulevard.

Next time you’ve got a low-key Miracle Mile lunch on the books—maybe you want to grab a couple slices with that LACMA page who explained the artistic merits of installing a giant rock over a sidewalk—stop in here.

Might not look like much more than your average strip-mall pizza joint—some street art, tile floors and swathes of bright orange—but then you’ll take a look at the menu. Probably the first time you’ve ever seen the word “rattlesnake” at a pizza place—in a positive context, anyway.

You’ll want to try the Dirty Agent first (rattlesnake sausage, tomato, onion and garlic), but there are plenty of other weird toppings like duck and bacon... and tequila chicken... and alligator and basil.

We should warn you, there’s no booze here—so later in the evening this might be a pick-up-and-take-home situation.

It’ll pair nicely with your venom beer.


Apollonia’s Pizzeria
5176 Wilshire Blvd
Los Angeles, CA, 90036


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