Lost and Found

Getting Text Messages from Your Luggage

None We heard you’re jetting off to a top-secret location this weekend.

Great. You deserve it. So long. Send us a postcard.

But a word of warning: we hear your luggage is planning to do the same thing. Not cool, luggage. Not cool.

Luckily, there’s Trace Me, a clever little system designed to make wayward luggage text you when it gets lost, available now.

It’s the usual nightmare scenario. You land in some exotic locale—say, Antarctica. But Midway sent your luggage to Antioch. And you didn’t even know that Antioch had an airport. Now you’re in Antarctica without benefit of swim trunks, golf clubs or that Garrett Popcorn you promised the guys at the research outpost you’d bring. Plus, the kid at the Antarctica airport is no help. You are also beginning to suspect he is a penguin.

If you have purchased one of these little tags for each of your bags, however, here’s what happens. The Antioch airport scans a bar code on the tag that’s registered with all your relevant info. You receive a text message and email from your luggage saying, “I’m in motherf**king Antioch. Do something.”

You alert your airline where the bag is. They’ll make sure it gets routed to your desired location.

Just be sure to tip your penguin.

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