Pop Secret

A BYOB Underground Supper Club

None You love a good mystery.

You also love a good short rib.

Great. You’re just the person we’re looking for. Prepare for the best of both worlds.

And by prepare, we mean pick up a bottle of scotch or seven.

Welcome to Shelley’s Underground Dinner, a secretive six-course affair with a hush-hush BYOB policy, conducting covert supper service on select dates soon...

Yes, this is one of those underground dinner situations. The kind where you sign up on a website, wait for a discreet email and then follow the included directions to a clandestine feast at an undisclosed location. (Heavy-handed hint: it’s a tony condo overlooking the bay.)

What we can tell you (without having to kill you): the dinners happen once a month. They seat 10. Your hostess/illicit soufflémonger comes from the UK... where she worked in renowned restaurants. And may have been a Bond villain.

If you’re selected for one of the meals, you’ll be given a secret password. Also, explicit instructions to pick up something stiff to drink with dinner. For pairing purposes, expect dishes like olive-oil-poached salmon, bacon-salt-sprinkled polenta cakes and an Egyptian spice mix served with dipping bread from an illegal garage bakery.

Forbidden crust is always the tastiest.


Shelley’s Underground Dinner

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