Terminal Velocity

An App for Efficient Airport Pickups

None This weekend, you’ll watch the Olympics.

You’ll see a lot of weird events.

Like trampoline. And racewalking. And that one where they jump horses over bushes.

What you won’t see: airport pickup speed runs.

That’s not a sport.

But if it were, this is how you’d medal.

Introducing Just Landed, a mobile app that tracks flight information, traffic reports and your GPS location to provide a pinpointed airport ETA, available now.

This is about you versus Hartsfield-Jackson. And about the app that’ll make sure you never have to circle the arrivals terminal again.

The program: sort of like an alarm clock meets a road map meets an air traffic controller tower meets your own private news chopper. Or the kind of resource you should always have at your disposal.

So download this now. Then, the next time you’re picking someone up from the airport, enter their flight number. Your work here is done. The app will figure out when the plane is scheduled to land. Then, it’ll use a satellite or three to find your location, check nearby road conditions and determine how long it’ll take to get to Gate 23. When it’s precisely the perfect time to leave, you’ll hear an alarm.

Also, when the flight actually lands, you’ll hear an alarm, too... and receive your guest’s baggage claim number.

Not that you were planning on getting out of the car.

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