Things to do for July 26, 2012

The Weekender

Whoa-oh Here It Comes... It’s the Weekender

The weekend swears by central air.

The Fairmont Copley’s New-Old Bar

The Fairmont Copley’s New-Old Bar

When you heard the legendary Oak Bar was undergoing a transformation, you hoped the old-timey-ness would remain, while maybe incorporating actual oak into the new design. Good news: that happened, along with a new 80-foot copper bar and tableside-made martinis. One should never have to venture far for a martini.

Jaws. With Era-Correct Beer Cans.

<em>Jaws</em>. With Era-Correct Beer Cans.

You’ve seen Jaws enough to be able to recite the theme song by heart (not that it’s hard). But you’ve always wanted to watch it: a) outdoors, and b) while drinking Quint’s beer of choice (Narragansett), replete with era-correct can packaging, during the 25th anniversary of Shark Week. Boom. Here you go.

Jul 27, starts at sunset, no cost, cash bar, Boston Harbor Hotel, 70 Rowes Wharf, 617-439-7000

Eating a Whole Pig in a Coffee Shop

Eating a Whole Pig in a Coffee Shop

Coffee shops. Good for espresso. And on occasion, great for five-course snout-to-tail suckling pig dinners, paired with suds (Ipswich’s Clown Shoes beer), like the one pop-up impresarios Whisk Boston are throwing at Fazenda in JP on Saturday. Yes, they’ll still have coffee.

Swapping Old Stuff for New Stuff

Swapping Old Stuff for New Stuff

Your closet: filled with stuff you don’t ever seem to wear (see: skinny coveralls). And if you bring it all to SoWa on Sunday, each item you relinquish will allow you to land one item of your choice from the other closet-thinners present. Fingers crossed for a Lebowski-esque knit sweater.

Sexy Tableside Poetry in JP

Sexy Tableside Poetry in JP

Your last tapas outing was solid. But then again, you didn’t have the option of ordering up flash poetry and fiction readings from a menu, resulting in burlesque-dressed readers vocalizing original work tableside, like you will at Tres Gatos literary cathouse this Sunday. Donning a black turtleneck: optional.

Jul 29, 3:30-11pm, cash bar, Tres Gatos, 470 Centre St, Jamaica Plain, 617-477-4851

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