Finger Tips

Text-Friendly Winter Gloves

We saw you this weekend, gamely risking frostbite in order to text your whereabouts to your crew. Since yourdigits are in for a <span>long winter, we thought we'd point you toward a few phone-friendly gloves we'vegot our hands in. You can text us your thanks in January.</span>

The Bare Minimum


Fingerless gloves are fine if you're a pre-Clubber Lang Rocky Balboa. But the technology has advanced. These new gloves limit your skin's exposure with retractable "hoods" for just your index finger and thumb, allowing you to quickly punch out a message, then get back under cover.

411: $20-40, available beginning tomorrow, pre-order here

The North Face E-Tips
Silver Mine

The North Face E-Tips

This year's version of last year's sleeper hit will sell out fast, so you might want to pounce on a pair. Their stretchable "X-Static" material includes silver gripping fibers in the palm and finger tip, letting you change a song on your iPod's click wheel without removing them—a huge plus when it's twenty below.

411: $40, available here

Tapped Out


Available in rag wool and knit versions, these gloves offer tiny metal buttons on the tips of the thumb and index finger, so you can tap anything from the touch screen of your new G1 to the ATM interface without scratching the glass. (Your twenty-dollar bills will stay relatively scratch-free as well.)

411: $15-20, available here

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