The Science of Sleep

Your Phone Will Now Help You Sleep Better

None Your recipe for solid sleep is as unique as it is foolproof: one beanbag chair plus two drams of exotic liqueur produced by Swiss monks plus three reruns of The Big Bang Theory.

Okay, so maybe it’s not foolproof...

Time to bring some science to the party. Also: your phone.

Say hello to Sleep101, a new iPhone app that tracks your sleep, wakes you at the ideal time and dispenses sleep advice, available now.

This is like the home version of being in a sleep lab. Step one: get all the people out of your bedroom. Step two: just set your phone next to you. Step three: try not to think about the fact that it’s... monitoring you.

Next: it’ll keep tabs on the motion you create by tossing and turning, so that in the morning it can spit out some handy graphs about how long it took you to nod off and when you were disrupted. But not before its alarm wakes you up at an optimum time in your sleep cycle (within a range you provide).

If you’re having trouble, you can consult its sleep experts for some advice.

Your strobe light probably isn’t helping.

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