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Before a Lakers Game, Head Here

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Kings games. Lakers games. Bieber’s two-night residency.

You’ll soon find yourself at the LA Live complex to take in... some of those things.

We thought you could use a vast patio filled with some truly impressive cocktails—right across the street.

Presenting FigOly, an indoor-outdoor spot that’s perfect for some elevated pre- and postgaming, opening Friday at Figueroa and Olympic. (Hence the name.)

So there’s a pretty conservative dining room, upstairs from the Luxe hotel lobby, ideal for a business dinner. Allow us to direct you to the table by the windows... and the section of the menu called “Give me a steak knife and fries.” You can take it from there.

But most times, you’ll want to move past that to commandeer some umbrella-covered tables or a cabana on the spacious modern patio they’re calling FigOly Al Fresco—it’s bigger than the dining room and bar combined. And the views of Lucky Strike are breathtaking.

You’ll head here before or after a game, or on a Sunday afternoon when you’ve got a big group in town. Go for some pork-shoulder sausage pizzas and Roquettes—they’re sort of like mojitos, with arugula instead of mint... and gin instead of rum. And they’re from Matthew Biancaniello—the first time he’s doing drinks anywhere outside his famous tiny corner of the Roosevelt.

There’s just a bit more room here.

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