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5 Photos Yorkwood Furniture Co.
None 5 Photos Yorkwood Furniture Co.
Reclaimed wood.

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Just hear us out.

This isn’t about barns in upstate New York or charming first-date wine bars.

It’s about industrial cargo pallets. It’s about the workingman’s wood. It’s about your living room...

Take a good, hard look at Yorkwood Furniture Co., an NYC outfit that’s going to craft you a striking new table from a cargo pallet and can do so right now.

You may have seen these kind folks at Brooklyn Flea recently. They’d be the ones with the minimalist wood-panel-and-steel stools, benches and tables. The reason for that: that’s what they make. They go to businesses around the city and collect the pine, walnut and poplar from those pallets you see everywhere (the ones with a metric ton of flour sacks on them). Then they turn it all into xyloid masterpieces.

The process: they get the wood, sand it down, treat it and stain it. Then forge a steel frame for it. Then you buy it. So let’s say you need a coffee table. A coffee table for all the coffee you drink, and for all those tasteful books purposelessly stacked next to your couch. You’ll hop online and order the “coffee table.” Custom stuff is also a possibility.

Which means a “whiskey table” might also be in the cards.

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