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An iPhone Case That Captures Video

None Your double back-flip into a swan dive into a Triple Lindy all while eating a ham sandwich.

It was... totally real and not at all made up.

Or so you say.

Because the thing is, no one saw it.

Because the thing is, you didn’t have an HD-shooting camera phone strapped to your head.

Introducing the Optrix XD Sport, a goes-where-you-go iPhone case that transforms your phone into a wide-angle, potentially-head-mounted video camera, available online now.

You’re familiar with iPhone cases. And camera lenses. Well, this thing is a little bit of column A mixed with a little bit of column B. A polycarbonate military-grade case that also transforms your existing iPhone camera into a wide-angle lens. Great for capturing action shots. Or, you know, in the event that you take up wartime photography as a hobby.

So next weekend, when you’re competing in the Olympics—the patio Olympics (you’re predicted to medal in the 400 Liter Relay)—you’ll break out this guy. Just strap your iPhone into the case, aim at something interesting and start shooting. What happens next: video gold. Courtesy of the waterproof HD-enhancing glass lens. And your really steady hands.

Or your really steady head. Because it comes with a bunch of accessories, like mounts that securely adhere to any surface. Including your noggin.

Spelunking just got a whole lot more interesting.

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