Southern Comforts

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Southern Comforts, by the Numbers

None It’s an unmarked building. It resembles an old dance hall. It’s got fried food and country music. Yes, we bring word of Southern Comforts, the latest venture from the guys behind Three Sheets and Ku De Ta, opening tonight on Ross Avenue. Below, word of their chicken-fried steak. Also, a bunch of really important numbers...

Menu items with the word “fried” in the name: 4
Menu items with the words “duck liver mousse on sourdough crostini” in the name: 1
Chances you’ll order the chicken-fried steak over the liver mousse: 98.2%
Beers on tap: 10
Liquors on tap: 2 (SoCo Lime and Tuaca)
Dusty old pianos propped against the wall: 1
Number of beers required before you’ll start crooning on top of said piano: 5
Framed Southern flags displayed along the walls: 9
Southern flags you knew existed before you came here: 2
Number of times your waitress will say “y’all” in a 15-minute window: 7
Corner stages with tower speakers the size of a thoroughbred: 1
Types of live music you’ll hear on the weekends: 3
Chances one of those types is polka: snowball in hell
Dishes on the menu that could use an extra vegetable: 1 (the bacon-laced Kentucky Hot Brown)
Bacon dishes masquerading as vegetables: 1 (bacon-belly-braised greens)
Chances you’ll get out of here without eating bacon: 0.000897%


Southern Comforts
3121 Ross Ave
Dallas, TX, 75204

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