Going Solo

A Tripod That Follows You Around

None We’re going to lay out two scenarios, and you’re going to tell us which one makes the most sense:

1) You want to film yourself windsurfing in the Philippines, so you hire J.J. Abrams to follow you around with an IMAX camera and set off a bunch of explosives behind you.

2) You want to film yourself windsurfing in the Philippines, so you buy a tripod. That happens to have some serious abandonment issues.

If you chose #1, good call. That would be amazing.

If you chose #2, that’s weird.

Also, that’s this...

Introducing SoloShot, a tripod equipped with a little orange box that makes your camera or camcorder automatically rotate to follow every move you make, available for preorder now.

Picture your camcorder getting all Jason Bourne on you and attaching a homing beacon to your arm so it can track your whereabouts at all times. That’s exactly what you’re working with here.

Step 1: Make plans to do things. Play basketball. Go longboarding. Ski naked. Step 2: Whip out the tripod (it’s included), attach your camera to it and power up the little orange box. Step 3: Attach the sensor to your arm.

That’s it. You’re done. No matter where you go and what you do from there, this thing will automatically swivel around and record you from up to 2,000 feet away.

So maybe don’t bring it into your bedroom.

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