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An All-Schnitzel Spot in Decatur

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Someday soon, it’ll be Oktoberfest.

But before that, it’ll be dinner.

And even before that, it’ll be lunch.

Which means right now, it’s as good a time as any to be thinking about schnitzel...

Welcome to 7 Hens, a brand-new sandwich counter in Decatur that’s ground zero for any and all schnitzel-related operations, open as of today.

Finally, schnitzel has a place to call its own. And you have a place to eat when you require something breaded/fried/topped with purple European coleslaw for lunch. A low-key joint with Edison-bulb-equipped wood paneling, black steel chairs, a solid granite counter that... okay, the whole spot sort of looks like a really nice Subway. And it’s in a strip mall next to a Little Caesars. But it’s schnitzel. You make concessions for schnitzel.

So a summer Friday. With coworkers. Great time to drop in here for a sub. Step to the counter, tell the schnitzler (that’s a technical term, it means: a man or woman who makes schnitzel) what kind of sandwich you’d like. We’d suggest the American (chicken cutlet covered in Cajun bread crumbs and slaw, and slathered in BBQ sauce), but we’re partial to things that are slathered.

Of course, there’s always the option to just make your own. And if you’re coming here after a few late-afternoon cocktails in the square, that’s probably the play.

All great original sandwiches begin with gin.


7 Hens
2140 N Decatur Rd
Decatur, GA, 30033


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